About St. Andrew’s

St. Andrew’s is a member of the Anglican Church in North America.  Following the evangelical Anglican tradition, St. Andrew’s serves people from all over the Twin Tiers of New York and Pennsylvania.

A Place for Friendship
Nothing compares to the joy of Christian friendship.  That’s why we make it a priority to build lasting bonds between the members of our parish family- bonds of genuine concern, caring, and commitment.  Why not come and experience St. Andrew’s circle of friendship?  Join one of our small groups today!

A Place for Growth
St. Andrew’s is a growing spiritual community rooted in Biblical teachings.  To us, growing in the Christian faith is one of the most exciting aspects of our parish life together.  Through the many educational programs for all ages that are offered at St. Andrew’s, and through our commitment to prayer, we can grow in our knowledge and love of God.  As we learn about the Christian faith alongside others, we are discovering that our life in Christ is a thrilling adventure.

A Place for Service 
Just as our Lord Jesus Christ came “not to be served, but to serve,” we accept our responsibility to reach out in Christ’s name to others.  Christian service applies both to our ministries within the church, and our mission outside our parish family.

A Place for Worship
The primary reason that we meet together is to focus our attention on God, offering Him our worship, and receiving His blessing and inspiration for living.  Every worship experience at St. Andrew’s is intended to be a special time of spiritual refreshment.  We hope this is what you sense whenever you worship with us. Join us on Sunday at our 10 AM service.

There is a place for you at St. Andrew’s!
Who are we?  We are your neighbors.  We are also Anglicans, which means that we derive from the Church of England.  Our parish life is centered in the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are liturgical, which means that we worship according to an order of worship that has served the church well for the nearly 2,000 year history of the Church.  Our music is a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary songs.   As Jesus said to Andrew, we say to you, “Come and see.”

St. Andrews Church
Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM
400 West Wendell Street, Endicott, NY 13760
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